The Connection Between Oral Health & Overall Health: 7 Ways Oral Hygiene May Affect Your Body by Grove Dental

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2 years ago
The Connection Between Oral Health & Overall Health: 7 Ways Oral Hygiene May Affect Your Body

Your mouth is just as much a part of your body as anything else. Meaning, whatever affects your oral health can impact your overall health – and vice versa. Doctors and dentists are beginning to make stronger connections between certain systemic diseases and oral health issues. That’s why you should make time for taking care of your teeth.

Doctors have found that there’s a strong connection between certain forms of respiratory illness and the bacteria that can build up on your teeth without proper brushing and flossing. On the other hand, health issues elsewhere in your body can have serious implications for your oral health. In the case of diabetes, higher blood glucose levels can encourage the growth of harmful bacteria in your mouth, leading to periodontitis and tooth decay. Pregnant women also have reason to pay close attention to their oral health, as periodontal disease has been linked to lower birth weight and an increased risk of preterm birth.

No matter how busy you are, always make time for brushing and flossing daily and regularly visiting your dentist. The guide below illustrates many of the ways in which your oral health and overall health are connected.

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