Play Tennis: The Sport Is a Great Hobby for Fitness & Fostering Friendships! by Margaret Steck

6 years ago

Play Tennis: The Sport Is a Great Hobby for Fitness & Fostering Friendships!

A few years ago, my husband talked me into taking tennis lessons so that he and I could play mixed doubles at a local tennis club. I was pretty intimidated by the proposal, given that he played tennis through college and I barely had a year of lessons in high school. Fast forward to three years later and my husband and I have played two seasons of USTA Mixed Doubles. We have so much fun together and even having been together for the past 20 years, we've developed a completely new teamwork dynamic outside of parenthood! What's more is that we look forward to many years of playing tennis together. 

In addition to playing with my husband, I've also joined women's tennis teams so that I could play year round. I'm now Captain of a local USTA tennis team and Captain of a local Tennis Cup team and have made a lot of great friends along the way. 

So, if you're looking for year-round fitness that promotes teamwork and allows people of all levels of fitness to play competitively or socially, look for a local tennis club that offers classes, teams and leagues!

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Margaret Steck
As a matter of fact, I'm playing tennis tonight! My first USTA Singles match (playing one-on-one instead of doubles! Ack! Wish me luck!)
Mike Prochaska
I always hit the ball to hard like I trying to hit a home run
Elisa Schmitz
Way to go, Margaret Steck ! You are inspiring me. I haven’t played tennis in so long but I used to love it!
Meredith Schneider
So fun Margaret Steck ! My husband and I used to play tennis when we first got married and I played all through my first pregnancy with our son who is now 15yrs old. Time to dust of that racket and get back at it. I miss it!

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