Fitness & Cellular Aging: Find Out How Much You Need to Exercise to Look Younger! by Mei Marcie

6 years ago

Fitness & Cellular Aging: Find Out How Much You Need to Exercise to Look Younger!

Sometimes we tell ourselves that a little exercise is better than nothing. While that may be true, the latest study by Brigham Young University showed that you have to be highly active to reduce your cellular aging. The study was published in the journal Preventative Medicine

The data of 5,823 adults was analyzed and the telomeres' length was examined. Telomores are nucleoprotein caps positioned at the end of chromosomes, and a shorter telemore indicates cell deterioration. It was found that highly active participants (jogged more than five times a week for 30 minutes for women, 40 minutes for men) were nine years younger biologically. The surprise finding was that sedentary participants and those who were moderately active did not show significant differences in biological age. So, it is important to commit to frequent exercise!

Read more about this study via MNT here.

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