Autism Awareness Month: Be Aware, Proactive & Know the Signs of Autism! by Joy Stephenson-Laws JD

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4 years ago
Autism Awareness Month: Be Aware, Proactive & Know the Signs of Autism!

Autism is a developmental disorder that usually becomes apparent in children between the ages of 2 and 3. Signs include: 

  • Repeating certain behaviors, having unusual behaviors 
  • Having overly focused interests, such as with moving objects 
  • Having a lasting, intense interest in certain topics, such as numbers, details 
  • Making little or inconsistent eye contact 
  • Having facial expressions, movements, gestures that do not match what is being said 
  • Having an unusual tone of voice that may sound sing-song or flat and robot-like 
  • Responding in an unusual way when others show anger, distress or affection 

Zinc deficiency may be associated with autism. Talk to your physician and get nutritional testing to ensure your child is not getting too much of any mineral, including zinc.

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