​Too Embarrassed to See a Therapist? You've Gotta Read This Now! by Donna John

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9 months ago
​Too Embarrassed to See a Therapist? You've Gotta Read This Now!

Why do so many people feel embarrassed to admit they might need a therapist? Dr. Sanam Hafeez, a NYC based licensed clinical psychologist and the founder of Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Services, explains that we live in a culture that stigmatizes the need for therapy and self-care. It's presumed as weak or crazy. Seeking therapy, in actuality, is a self-loving, self-caring action to take. “If you cut yourself with a knife while cooking and needed to get stitches no one would criticize you for dropping everything to get to the emergency room,” says Dr. Hafeez. 

Is therapy more common than most of us imagine? According to Dr. Hafeez, we see more and more people interested in self-improvement and true desire for feeling good. People don’t tolerate feeling badly for long. Just look at social media, people are posting positive quotes, life hack websites and articles like these intended to make people better themselves. 

“As the world appears to get more out of control more people choose to go inward and listen to their inner guidance,” she says. “Some people are so disconnected with their true inner beings that they need the help of a therapist to assist them with reconnecting.”

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