How to Remove Snow Safely: 10 Winter Safety Tips You Need to Read by 30Seconds Health

3 years ago

How to Remove Snow Safely: 10 Winter Safety Tips You Need to Read

Snow is fun – until you have to shovel it or scrape it off your car. Here are 10 safety tips from

  1. Talk to your doctor. Clearing snow is physically demanding and could put a lot of strain on the heart.
  2. Get the proper equipment. Make sure your snow shovel is light enough to lift without difficulty.
  3. Dress appropriately. Wear layers of light, water-repellent clothing to stay warm and dry.
  4. Don't wait. Start clearing snow as soon as there's a light covering on the ground.
  5. Warm up and pace yourself. Snow removal is a workout. Like other physical activities, it's a good idea to do a 10-minute warm-up before you begin.
  6. Watch out for ice. Be careful about patches of ice and uneven surfaces. Don't allow hats or scarves to cover your eyes.
  7. Lift carefully. Try to push snow. If you have to lift it, use your legs.
  8. Use your snow blower properly. Read the instructions carefully for your specific snow blower.
  9. Fuel up safely. Put fuel in a snow blower before you turn it on. Never add fuel when the engine is running or hot.
  10. Be mindful of power cords. Always know where the power cord is when using an electric snow blower.

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Elisa Schmitz
We need these tips, unfortunately, here in Chicago. Thanks, Donna John!

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