Switch to Active Commuting for Better Heart Health! Learn Why! by Mei Marcie

Switch to Active Commuting for Better Heart Health! Learn Why!

Active commuting refers to walking or cycling as a means of transport, instead of by train or car. A Danish study showed that Danish adults aged 50 to 65 years who regularly cycled to work or for leisure had between 11 to 18 percent fewer heart attacks over the course of a 20-year follow up. Overall in the 20-year follow up, there were 2,892 heart attacks, of which, cycling on a regular basis could have avoided more than 7 percent. The benefits are possible with even 30 minutes of cycling per week.

In another study on 20,000 individuals in their 40s to 60s, individuals who switched from passive to active commuting were less likely to:

  • be obese
  • have hypertension
  • have high cholesterol levels
  • get diabetes

Commit to cycling or walking today! Read more about these studies via MNT here

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Dr. Shayna Mancuso
Love this, Mei! So important
Mei Marcie
Thanks! Even on days when I don't have active commuting, I invite my family out for a walk after dinner - and make a deal with my daughter that she'd get the next evening free to do whatever she likes!

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