Good Bacteria: 10 Reasons Why Probiotics Are Healthy Gold for Our Bodies! by Jennifer Young

Good Bacteria: 10 Reasons Why Probiotics Are Healthy Gold for Our Bodies!

Probiotics are good bacteria that help our bodies in so many ways. I know what you're thinking: Bacteria? How is that good? Here are ways probiotics aid our bodies:

  • improves digestion
  • strengthens immunity
  • plays a role in helping with obesity
  • chronic diseases
  • helps with effects of antibiotics
  • aids in detox
  • improves bowel movements
  • helps women with yeast and bacterial infections
  • can influence mood
  • may prevent UTIs

Probiotics help to fight the bad bacteria in your gut. Eat foods with probiotics like yogurt, soft cheese (Gouda), kefir, miso soup, sauerkraut, even sour pickles. They also help us absorb nutrients we consume and the good food we eat helps to feed our good bacteria. Think fruits, veggies, oatmeal, honey and legumes. Feed the good bacteria and reap the benefits!

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Holly Budde
perfect timing Jennifer! was just reading about probiotics today! thanks so much for this gr8 tip
Jennifer Young
They are so good. You can use them in food or take a supplement.
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
I take probiotics every day, @jfoyohealth. Thank you for this great tip - I learned even more about how good they are for me!
Mei Marcie
I take probiotics daily! I think it's something good to take given the upside with increasing research of its benefits and little downside since it doesn't quite stay in the body!
Naimah Razak
my husband swears by probiotics. I just might believe him after this read!:)
Kelli Porcaro
I really want to take a probiotic. Curious Jennifer Young if can you recommend a particular brand you like that is dairy free?? Thank you!!!
Rachel W. Lewter
Adding natural probiotics without adding too many calories is tricky. I too need a pill free, dairy free option. Any ideas out there?

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