3 Easy Ways to Let Go of Emotional Clutter (You'll Laugh at No. 1)! by Bonnie Hillman Shay

7 years ago

3 Easy Ways to Let Go of Emotional Clutter (You'll Laugh at No. 1)!

Did you know that emotional clutter is one of the major reasons why people create physical disorder in their lives? As a professional organizer, I see it time and again. Emotional hang-ups and psychological pain are two of the most common causes for being unable to "let go" of clutter or find ways to organize their homes into an efficient, orderly system.

Our emotional state overflows into the world around us. Reaching an organized, uncluttered state of being helps one achieve orderly spaces. We are less apt to be scattered in our lives if we are relaxed and healthy on the inside. Try the three simple but effective tools to better emotional health:

  • Laugh! Laughter really is the best medicine.
  • Cultivate optimism.
  • Schedule one purely joyful activity each week.

You've got this!

Donna John
This is so true, @shaybonnie. Then the clutter produces even more stress. Thanks for sharing this.

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