Fitness Hacks: 5 Ways to Take Your Yoga to the Next Level! by Nicole DeAvilla

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5 years ago
Fitness Hacks: 5 Ways to Take Your Yoga to the Next Level!

Let's face it: We don't have lots of spare time as moms. Here are some tips to make your yoga practice packed with healing, rejuvenating energy that leaves you feeling full of joy and ready for the day and night. 

  • Stay in the present moment
  • Play high vibrational music
  • Focus on your breath and/or an affirmation
  • Bring your energy inward and upward to your brain
  • Focus at the point between your eyebrows

For more details on all five of these fitness hacks!

Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
I needed this, Nicole DeAvilla! I'm especially interested in "high vibrational music" - not sure what you mean - can you recommend any? Thank you!
Nicole DeAvilla
Sure @elisa. Music like Native American flute, Gregorian Chants and my favorites are from Swami Kriyananda - there are links to all of these in the article.
Nicole DeAvilla
Hey Chef Gigi Gaggero - I just realized we are neighbors! I live over the bridge in Marin county. I have you covered if you want to do yoga! <3
Donna John
Native American flutes is a fave of mine. Going to check out the swami.
Nicole DeAvilla
I love the flute music too @donna. Let me know how you like Swami's music - he has a great variety. If you like the flute music I know you will like his album Rainbows and Waterfalls. He also sometimes publishes under the name Donald Walters.
Donna John
Thanks, Nicole DeAvilla! I'll check it today.

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