Want to Avoid Sore Noses During Cold & Flu Season? Try This! by Ingrid Echter

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6 years ago
Want to Avoid Sore Noses During Cold & Flu Season? Try This!

Snow isn’t the only thing that comes with winter – it’s also cold and flu season. We can’t always avoid runny noses when we get sick, but we can avoid the damage to our noses by not wiping them every few seconds. I have a tried-and-true suggestion to help save the irritation to your nose! 

The moment my nose starts to drip as if someone forgot to turn off the faucet, I put cotton balls in each nostril, and breathe through my mouth instead. I then switch them out as they fill. Seriously! Give it a try when you are at home and see if it saves your nose the way it saves mine!

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