Is Worrying Getting the Best of You? Be "Worry-Free" With Dr. Hibbert's "Worry Tree!" by Dr. Christina Hibbert

7 years ago

Don't let worry get the best of you! Try my method, "The Worry Tree," instead. 

  • First, ask, "Can I do anything about this?" If the answer is "no," then you must work to let it go. 
  • If the answer is "yes," then ask, "Can I do anything about this NOW?" If you can do something now, then do it! Don't procrastinate. 

If you can't do anything now, then work to let it go, through distraction or other activities, until the time you can do something about it and then do it! Be worry free! 

Learn more about "The Worry Tree" here or in my book, "Who Am I Without You?"

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Ann Marie Patitucci
Thanks, Dr. Hibbert. This is such a great reminder for worriers like me! :)

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