The Measles Vaccine: What Parents Need to Know by Dr. Josephine Dlugopolski - Gach

The Measles Vaccine: What Parents Need to Know

Measles is a virus, not a bacterial infection, so there isn’t an antibiotic or medicine that can cure it. The only defense is to be proactive and get vaccinated. Unfortunately, once a person has measles, the disease has to run its course, which is usually two weeks. All medical personnel can do is provide supportive care, pain relief and watch for signs of complications. 

My colleagues and I have received numerous emails/phone calls from concerned parents about measles. They're justified in their concern as measles is the most contagious known virus and can be deadly. The good news is we have a vaccine that is very effective in fighting the disease. Most people get the first dose of the vaccine at 12 to 15 months, and 93 percent of people develop immunity after one shot. After the second dose, which is given at 4 to 6 years, 97 percent are immune. 

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