Need Wine Suggestions When Dining Out? Ask the Sommelier! What's That? Watch This! by Jennifer Pereyra

Dining Out
6 years ago

Even though we would probably like to know more about wine, we're not all experts. And the lists at some restaurants can be quite daunting. Many nicer restaurants and dining establishments employ a sommelier, or wine steward, who is a trained and knowledgeable wine specialist that's responsible for wine selection and assisting diners with wine and food pairings.

Whether you're new to the world of wines, looking to try something different or just curious about any special buys they've made, ask the sommelier for some assistance. Be upfront about your price range and enjoy sharing some cheer with your friends and family. Salud!

PS: Watch the video to learn how to say "sommelier!"

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Elisa Schmitz
It's always a treat to interact with a great sommelier. Thanks for the excellent tip, Jennifer Pereyra - I remember shooting this video with you. So fun!!

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