Buzz Pop Cocktails: Boozy Adult Push-Ups Are Now a Thing! by Jessica Acree

2 years ago
Buzz Pop Cocktails: Boozy Adult Push-Ups Are Now a Thing!

Oh, the nostalgia! Remember eating orange push-ups as a kid? The sweet, frozen treat seeping over the side onto your hands if you weren't fast enough to catch it all on a hot summer day. Now you can have the same experience as an adult complete with a gourmet presentation and a bonus zip from alcohol mixed in.

The product is called Buzz Pop Cocktails. A beautifully presented retro-style blend of Italian sorbet and premium liquor that promises to contain more alcohol than a glass of wine (15 percent ABV). "Shark Tank" gave the Las Vegas-based company its nod of approval, helping to launch a chef-inspired idea into a thriving business. Buzz Pop Cocktails are being served up at select locations in the Las Vegas and Miami market, but they're now available online, too.

The company boasts 75 different cocktail possibilities that rotate on a seasonal basis. Right now you can get flavors like Lemon Drop Martini, Caribbean Breeze, Blueberry Mojo and Moscow Mule. Yes, please!

In case you're wondering, they are under 100 calories each and all natural. The price comes with a little sticker shock though ($99 for eight of them), but I suppose if you're going to treat yourself...

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