Kidney Chops With Leeks & Bacon Is Old-World Cooking in a Cast Iron! by Shauna Flury

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5 years ago

Kidney Chops With Leeks & Bacon Is Old-World Cooking in a Cast Iron!

Step out of your comfort zone and try making kidney chops! Depending on your hunger, I’d suggest about two to four chops per person, depending on the size. You can leave the kidneys in place or you can choose to take them out and cut off some of the connective tissue. I chose the latter, as I already had bones that I was going to use in my Instant Pot to make stock and wanted some fatty goodness in my stock.

You’ll need:

  • kidney chops
  • Greek seasoning (optional)
  • bacon
  • leeks
  • oil or lard, for pan

Here’s how to make them:

  1. Salt and pepper the chops lightly. For myself, I use a bit of Penzeys Greek Seasoning.
  2. Wrap the chops in bacon and secure with skewers. Throw some leeks in a smoking hot cast iron pan with a touch of oil, drippings or lard. Make sure you render the bacon sides first then add the leeks.
  3. Once all sides are seared put into a 375-degree F oven until it comes up to temp, about 145 -155 degrees F.
  4. Remove chops and let them rest. While resting, deglaze the pan and cook down the leeks to make a sauce. If your sauce is too thin you can add a roux. Personally, I use potato starch to stay gluten free, but it’s your choice. Serve over rice or polenta with a veggie.

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Donna John
I've never eaten a kidney chop, Shauna Flury . Sounds really interesting! For the less adventurous eaters, what would you recommend as a substitute? A filet? Welcome to the tribe! Very interested to see your next recipe!
Elisa Schmitz
Wow! Never tried this but looks like my grandma’s old world cooking. Love your photos! Thank you for sharing, Shauna Flury . Welcome to our tribe. Can’t wait to see what else you share with us!
Shauna Flury
Donna John You can use a loin chop. The only difference is that it does not have the kidney.
Donna John
Thanks for the tip!

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