Salad Bar Socials: How to Host One Today for a Healthy Community! by Tiffany Zook

3 years ago
Salad Bar Socials: How to Host One Today for a Healthy Community!

Each Monday afternoon, folks gather at the local park to fill up their mason jars, not with local brew, but local greens and homemade dressings.As a community health initiative, a few entrepreneurial friends designed this lunch event to share their home businesses, health tips, nutritional products and exercise schedules.

Everyone brings two bowls of their favorite salad toppings. Apples, arugula, asparagus, artichokes – a giant salad bar social. Dressing goes in the jar first, then crunchy veggies, fruits, proteins and, lastly, fresh greens; spinach, kale, romaine. Before we get creative layering toppings, we circle up, introduce ourselves and discuss our goals, wishes or challenges. We walk away with two jars full of Texas bounty and many supportive new friends.

Host one today!

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Donna John
I absolutely love this idea, Tiffany Zook ! Years and years ago I was in a recipe club through a local moms group. We met once a month and everyone brought a new recipe prepared and printed out copies to share. So you got to try everyone's dish and go home with the recipe. It was fun. Thanks for sharing this with the tribe. Hoping to see lots of pictures from upcoming salad bar socials! Candy Stephens Debra Taylor
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
What a wonderful idea, Tiffany Zook ! Thanks for sharing. I just knew you'd have great ideas to share with our tribe!

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