Healthy Salads: 5 Hacks to Help You Make the Perfect Salad in Less Time! by Michele Gelman

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7 years ago

Healthy Salads: 5 Hacks to Help You Make the Perfect Salad in Less Time!

Do you love salads, or at least the idea of them, but find them rather difficult? All that chopping and washing – and how to make them tasty and filling enough to be a meal without cheese, bread or meat? By adding fresh herbs, ready-to-go greens, special ingredients like quick-pickled shallots and pomegranate seeds and a delicious homemade dressing, salads can be quick, easy and satisfying! If you can keep most of these on hand, you will always be able to whip up a gorgeous salad in no time. It’s all about prep and planning – which really mean self-care – and we all need more of that to balance our busy lives!

  • Buy greens that are ready to go: My favorite are Gotham Greens. They are local to Chicago and very fresh. They are also pre-washed! You can get ready washed organic greens everywhere now. Spinach, kale and all kinds of lettuce.
  • Pomegranate seeds: I buy these every time I go to the store. I know they are pricey, but, I’m worth it! They are beautiful and sweet and pack a mighty antioxidant punch.
  • Sprouts: Full of life, protein, micro-nutrients and probiotics, these are the all-around best food for energy. Try to eat these every day. Growing them is as easy as brushing your teeth, but they are much higher in nutrients than toothpaste!
  • Avocado: Add this delicious, fatty fruit for its creamy goodness and its nutritional benefits.
  • Artichoke hearts: I always keep a jar in my fridge and a backup in my pantry. I especially love the grilled ones because they are meaty and smoky and I am a vegetarian who loves the taste of grilled meat!

Get five more salad hacks on my blog here

Elisa Schmitz
I love salad but hate the prep! Thank you for these great hacks to help, Michele Gelman ! xo

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