The Academy Awards™: Wow Guests With This Easy Oscar-Worthy DIY Popcorn Bar! by Christine Jones

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7 years ago

The Academy Awards™: Wow Guests With This Easy Oscar-Worthy DIY Popcorn Bar!

In just a few days it's one of the most glamorous nights of the year – the Oscars™! Even if you haven't seen all the movies that are nominated, it's always fun to gather a group of friends and oggle the red carpet looks! You'll win the best snack category with this fun popcorn bar!

  • Decide what type(s) of popcorn you want to serve. I normally just use a good old-fashioned butter popcorn as my base (because I'm in it for the toppings), but you can certainly offer up butter, cheese and caramel.
  • I pre-pop the popcorn right before guests come over and put it in individual containers.
  • Set out toppings that guests can use to create their own custom blend. Some of our favorites are: M&Ms, peanuts, white chocolate chips, mini chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and crushed Oreo pieces. My absolute favorite topping is Junior Mints, so I always make sure to have some of those on hand. There's just something about the way they melt over the warm popcorn!

Best of all you can set it up ahead of time and it is super budget friendly. Enjoy the show!

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Popcorn $4 - $40
Junior Mints $4 - $25
M&Ms $9 - $22
Oreos $3 - $30
Chocolate Chips $4 - $22
Peanuts $4 - $30
Popcorn Bowls $3 - $30

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Elisa Schmitz
Holy wow, this is amazing, Christine Jones! #yum #fun
Tiffany Zook
Great for tween and teens!

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