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Fall Decorating, Easy Recipes & Halloween Ideas With Debi Lilly by Donna John

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Fall Decorating, Easy Recipes & Halloween Ideas With Debi Lilly

Fall is a beautiful time of year and one of our favorite seasons to celebrate! Debi Lilly, CEO and founder of A Perfect Event and an extraordinary event planner, joined us at this week's #30SecondMom Twitter chat and shared thoughts on fun fall decor, creative Halloween decorations and easy recipes! 

Q: What are top fall home décor trends this season?

  • Mixed metals like copper, gold, silver, rich velvets, brocade patterns.
  • Layer in fall mini pumpkins and gourds mixed with long-lasting plants like ivy and mini roses.
  • Debi Lilly Design velvet and mercury glass pumpkins inside Albertsons, Safeway, Jewel grocery floral departments equal a perfect lush accent.

Q: What are easy DIY fall tips and tricks for fall?

  • Create focal points inside your home – mantle, kitchen island, dining table with candles, pumpkins on top a tray or platter.
  • Wrap rich fall jewel tones as accent ribbons around candles, vases and other décor.
  • Stack flat, squatty pumpkins on top of each other like totem pole for instant themed seasonal décor.

Q: What are fast fall tablescape looks on a budget?

  • Unroll Debi Lilly Design gold paper runner, even kraft paper, down table for instant “base.”
  • Layer candles and pumpkins on top for texture and warmth.
  • Add sprig of green leaf or herb to place setting.
  • Last, dress each setting with pumpkin and placecard paper “scroll.”

Q: What is simple Halloween décor?

  • Fill glass vases with colorful candies and add black construction paper “faces” on top with a glue stick.
  • Or instead of faces add ribbon or Halloween mask accent to candy vases, for a fast finishing touch.
  • A favorite trend is to dip mini pumpkins into gold paint for instant autumnal chic accent.

Q: What are your favorite cozy fall recipes?

  • A pumpkin face crudité: On a round platter place organic baby carrots and triangle-shaped squash into “face.” Serve with dip.
  • Bake owl gingerbread cookies with an almond “nose” and M&M’s for eyes. Press fork for feet and feathers.
  • Layer yogurt parfaits into “candy corn” with orange, vanilla, lemon and a candy garnish.
  • Pie parfaits: In tall glasses layer graham cracker crumbs, fall fruit like apples, cinnamon and whipped cream. Serve with a spoon. 

Be sure to follow @DebiLillylike her on Facebook and visit A Perfect Event!

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Christine Jones
Cannot wait for this chat! Debi Lilly always has the best and most creative ideas!
Jan Mostrom
I know! And I need some new Fall ideas!
Elisa Schmitz
Yay! So looking forward to chatting with you tonight, Debi! xoxo
My daughter was born on Halloween so you can imagine how much fun we try and make the season. D.i.y. decor is our fav. Making orignal costumes is secretly my fav challenge
Kelli Porcaro
Looking forward to this!!
Meredith Schneider
Need all the help I can get! Holiday decorations always end up being a last minute thing around here.
Toni B
Fall is so fun to decorate! Can't wait to chat.
Elisa Schmitz
This iwas such a great chat! Debi Lilly, your ideas inspired me so much. I can't wait to get started! And your photos are gorgeous. Thanks for all you share with us, chica! xoxo

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