Beer Trivia: 10 Facts That Beer Lovers Will Appreciate by Donna John

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7 years ago

Beer Trivia: 10 Facts That Beer Lovers Will Appreciate

The Beer Institute released the top 10 facts about the beer industry! Bet you didn't know that...

  1. Last year Americans spent an estimated $1 billion on beer to celebrate Independence Day.
  2. Thomas Jefferson was said to have composed the first draft of the Declaration of Independence over a cold draft at the Indian Queen tavern in Philadelphia.
  3. The first colonial brewery was built in 1632 on Brewers Street in New Amsterdam, now New York City. Today, there are over 5,500 licensed breweries in the U.S.
  4. George Washington was an accomplished brewmaster, and he maintained a private brewery at his home in Mount Vernon.
  5. During Colonial Times the American brewing industry was so well established that George Washington other patriots argued for a boycott of English beer imports. 
  6. As Commander of the Continental Army, George Washington proclaimed that every one of his troops would receive a quart of beer with his daily rations.
  7. On March 22, 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed legislation allowing people to buy, sell and drink beer containing up to 3.2% alcohol by weight. The law went into effect on April 7, which is now celebrated as National Beer Day.
  8. In 1862 President Lincoln signed legislation to tax beer to help finance the government during the Civil War. Today, federal, state and local governments collect more than $48.5 billion in tax revenue from the beer industry.
  9. Beer still remains important today as roughly 1.75 million Americans have jobs as a result of the American beer industry.
  10. Last July 4th weekend AAA estimated that about 35.5 million Americans took a trip in a car. 

The Beer Institute urges everyone to drink responsibly this weekend as well as throughout the year.

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Meredith Schneider
Awesome beers facts! Safe and happy 4th of July to all! xo ;) <3
Donna John
They were interesting,, Meredith Schneider! Happy July 4th! Have fun and be safe!

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