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What Is the Slow Food Movement? Angela Borneman Has the Scoop! by Christine Jones

6 years ago
What Is the Slow Food Movement? Angela Borneman Has the Scoop!

You’ve probably heard of the Slow Food Movement, but what exactly is it and how can it benefit the health of your family? For answers, we turned to our very own resident expert, Angela Borneman, mom of two and co-owner of Bake425 Pizza.

Q. What is the Slow Food Movement and how is Bake425 helping to deliver its message?

Slow Food is a global grassroots organization that envisions a world where ALL can access food that is good for them. Our family’s mission at Bake425 Pizza is to provide the reality of that vision to our communities as thoroughly as possible. That means earth- and body-friendly ingredients, combined artfully and served conveniently enough to slow everyone down. I love “life hacks” and tech and "being all we can be," but we all desperately need to and statistically thrive when we can just BE. We need to savor, converse, digest. The moment, our food, REAL issues and EACH OTHER.

At the #30SecondMom Twitter chat, Angela had a lot more wisdom to offer about food, health and … pizza! Stay tuned for the entire chat in an upcoming blog post!

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