Dad Groups: Fathers Explain What Groups Just for Dads Mean to Them by Mike Prochaska

6 years ago

Dad Groups: Fathers Explain What Groups Just for Dads Mean to Them

Are you in a dads group? There are dad groups now all over the country, so I wanted to ask dads what it means to them to be part of this tribe and brotherhood of dads!

  • “A dads group means to me that I can do activities with my kids that I might not do by myself. It means that I have a supportive community that surrounds me beyond my family. A group that can listen to my low moments and share advice, anecdotes or just an ear to help lift me up.” – Lance Somerfeld, New York City
  • “Dads groups are our tribe. I’m more alone than I ever was in my hometown, than in a city with dad groups. Staying at home with the kids is what I do. It kind of sad to see other dads who do the same thing reluctantly or abashedly and not own their title.” – Aaron Lunceford, California
  • “A way to connect with dads all over the city for fun times with our kids and also a chance to get out of the house for fun with other dads to relax and unwind.” – Cincinnati Dads Group
  • “A support group for dads that may have been by themselves before finding the group. A place to ask questions without judgment, and having people to bounce ideas off of.” – Steven David
  • “A dads group means not being isolated. If not for the dads group ... I would be so alone.” – Matt Stain
  • “Hard to articulate this in something that would only be 30 seconds, but for us, Dallas Dads Group is about providing a supportive outlet for dads to navigate fatherhood together and gain support from each other. Our founder found it difficult to connect with other dads without the structure of a group and thought it important for dads to connect and for his kids to see other kids with involved fathers taking an active role in raising their kids.” – Jeff Tapper, Dallas, Texas
  • “In a child's development having both a positive male and female role model is extremely important. Dad groups help us dads who want to do more than the norm, in being involved and active with our children.” – Corey Keane, Chicago Dads Group
  • “For me here in Kansas City, the dad's group was as much for me as it was for my children. It was about building those friendships, as much for the kids as for the dads, that are enduring and everlasting. The oldest kids are now 12 and all of them are still close even though they live in different parts of the city. They all have cellphones and talk daily, and they continue to offer support to each other. The dads do this as well. I talk to the friends I made in the group every day. We vacation together – wives, kids and dads. Those friendships are essential to my family.” – Shannon Carpenter, Kansas City Dads Group
  • “That I am not unusual and that there is an incredible brotherhood.” – Robb Tavill, Chicago Dads Group
  • “Brotherhood and solidarity with guys going through the same trials and tribulations as me.” – Nicholas Dinkel, Chicago Dads Group
  • “Hanging out with other dads was/is a positive experience where you don’t feel judged (you don’t get the confused stare from moms); you can socialize while your kids play with the other kids (win/win situation).” – Florin Bejerea, Chicago Dads Group
  • “A community of support ... knowing you're not alone in life's journey is so important to the mental health of every individual, in each different walk of life. It minimizes the social alienation and boosts the self-esteem of those who walk the same path.” – Matt Schneider, co-founder of City Dad Groups and New York City Dads
  • “Dads group for me has been a great way to connect with other dads in my area, and share ideas about what works and what does not work and why. Also, it's a great resource for things to do with little kids, younger than 12 ... fun to have events and activities planned and organized, and simple! Also, we get some benefits from time to time – free movie passes, product samples, other cool stuff ... it's good and easy and FUN.” – John Francis, creater of Father's Eve and Twin Cities Dads Group
  • “It can be tough to have things in common with other adult professionals, parents and even family members because home parenting is still outside of the norm for men. Being able to share, laugh, bitch, cry, critique and advise with other like-minded, local dudes not only keeps us sane, it makes us better at our jobs.” – Jason Joel Smith, Chicago Dads Group
  • “It means getting together with fathers with the same goal to raise their kids right and learn from one another.” – Jared Kilbourne, Chicago Dads Group
  • “Dads groups are a support network. Not only that but they are a network of dads who understand everything that we are going through as fathers. They are there to help through the hard times and there to celebrate our accomplishments.” – Brandon Billinger
  • “Salvation, if not redemption, in a living model. My dad left when I was knee-high to the nearest walker. I have no siblings and I don’t think I’d ever even held a baby before my own. Joining and now organizing for SF Dads Group has afforded me the chance to meet, mix and mingle with a myriad spectrum of active and involved fathers in my area. Our kids are immersed in socialization and a bevy of other benefits. And I get the comfort, camaraderie, and coaching from a peer group I’d never before known. There are pitfalls aplenty along this fatherhood journey and I can’t imagine ever going it alone. Seriously. It takes a village. I’m over the moon to have found that village in City Dads Group.” – Mike Heenan, San Francisco Dads Group
  • “Laughing, guffawing with some other dudes! Love it!” – Aaron Canwell 
  • “Charlotte dads group means a place where a dad can be a dad and get to have time with other dads and their kids. Building relationships with other dads will always be one of the reasons I love my dads group.” – Darrell Humphrey
  • “A place to vent and share stories others wouldn’t understand.” – Brandon Ashby
  • “Brotherhood.” – Christopher McCarthy, Chicago Dads Group (I personally couldn’t agree more with this statement!)
  • “A great place to vent about spouse and family in a safe place.” – Mitch Chaitin
  • “Dads groups let your kids see other kids being parented by their dads. It normalizes it for them, so they don’t feel like they’re the only kids not out with their mom but their dad.” – Eric Houghton
  • “Dad groups should be a place where dads can meet and form bonds that help them navigate the waters of parenthood.” – Scotty Schrier
  • “Finding like-minded dads who also need to find like-minded dads.” – Pat Jacobs, Chicago Dads Group

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Elisa Schmitz
“Brotherhood and solidarity with guys going through the same trials and tribulations as me.” Love this! So awesome, Mike Prochaska ! Have a great time, dads! 👍
Jeff Jackson
This is an enlightening article. As men and daddies get older, it becomes increasingly difficult to connect with other men and daddies as we have so much on our plates and are being asked to do more. As men and daddies are called to be bigger, faster, stronger yet also be more vulnerable and communicative, it seems the only support we can find is with each other who are going through the same things. Thanks, Mike.
Michael Kennedy
Just attended back to back conferences Dad 2.0 Summit and The Fatherhood Summit. Both vastly different, but incredibly enlightening and informative. It's great to see the needles moving in the right directions on so many levels.

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