Kids & Team Sports: 3 Reasons Parents Should Hold the Scholarship Thoughts & Just Have Fun by Michael Kennedy

Kids & Team Sports: 3 Reasons Parents Should Hold the Scholarship Thoughts & Just Have Fun

Spending time with your young kids around the sports fields and in the backyard will contribute to a lifetime of memories. Here are a few of my many takeaways from a recent coaches’ clinic I attended where I was reminded once again, being positive is paramount to a good experience as we head into the sports seasons. Have fun!

  • Did you know when asked, one of the top reasons kids have for leaving a sport(s) is that they stopped having fun? Winning or losing, having fun in and around games and practices will increase enthusiasm and boost spirit.
  • Let the coaches coach. There is only one word to describe when a child is getting instructions from the bleachers and the coaches during a game – confusion. Obviously root for and encourage your child and the team, but let the coaches do their thing.
  • Take a breath. After a bad game, practice, play or outcome, take a breath. And when there is a window that makes sense try to let your child initiate the conversation. Did you know when asked, one of the top things older kids say they disliked about their participation in sports was the car ride home after?

Have fun, share and enjoy these wonderful times. You can't rewind the clock.

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Donna John
Yes!!! My son played baseball from age 4 through high school. All the bad memories I have about those years involve the PARENTS! And I miss the heck out of those years. Enjoy it while you can. Thanks for the wisdom, Michael Kennedy!
Elisa Schmitz
You said it, Michael Kennedy ! When will parents learn that they steal the joy from their kids? Who wants sports to be thought of as a job, starting at younger and younger ages? So glad you put words to what so many of us are thinking, thank you!
Elaine Ast-Baele
As a parent of 3 athletic kids, I totally agree with this! They play for the fun of the sport and I support all the extras (late night practices, long weekend travel tournaments, etc...) not because they have a chance of "scholarship" (heck for the $$$ we pay for off season club sports we could outright pay for college :-) )but for the values of sportsmanship, learning to win AND lose graciously, making friendships/bonds that will last a lifetime and to stay fit and healthy.

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