A Mindful Place for Kids: Why Parents Should Have a Quiet Area in Their Home for Children by Mike Prochaska

2 days ago
A Mindful Place for Kids: Why Parents Should Have a Quiet Area in Their Home for Children

All kids need access to a quiet area to get away when they need time to themselves. I know as adult I need quiet time, too. I used to just send my kids to their room until I discovered a better way.

We call it the cozy pool, but you can make a quiet area anywhere in your house. Ours is just a small outdoor kiddie pool filled with pillows and blankets. And I love the cozy pool as much as the kiddos.

Photo: Mike Prochaska's quiet place for his kids.

It’s our place for quiet time and quiet activities when the kids need time alone. They climb into the cozy pool and read a book, play nicely with just one friend and sometimes watch a short show if they aren't feeling well.

One of the kids I babysat loved to sleep and nap in the cozy pool. He took a nap every day there for three years.

All kids need somewhere to escape when they need quiet time – just like adults. Kids need breaks, too.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
OK, this is just brilliant. I want a cozy pool of my own, Mike Prochaska !! :-)
Donna John
Yes, great idea, Mike Prochaska . Kids need to decompress, too.
Mike Prochaska
Sadly they outgrew the pool. We not have a cozy hammock.

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