Eyelid Primer: Where Have You Been All My Life? by Jennifer Pereyra

6 years ago

Eyelid Primer: Where Have You Been All My Life?

There’s nothing I can't stand more than having to do something twice, including applying makeup. Have you experienced feeling your eye makeup settle into the crease of your eyelid? When you apply eyeliner, does it ever end up looking as though it has migrated up your lid as the day has gone on? 

Next time you stop at your local beauty supply store or department store, ask one of the clerks about eyelid primer and how best to apply it. It may be a bit pricey, but in terms of applying your eye makeup once and having it last into the night, this stuff is worth is weight in gold!

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Eyelid Primers $2 - $18
Donna John
I have never tried eyelid primer, @jenniferpereyra. Will definitely pick one out on Amazon to try!
Cat K
In a pinch you can also use foundation or concealer. Works equally well and is more or less free since you already likely own one or both.
Syed Rahman
Hmm. I think, this product need for my wife.

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