Mud Baths: Don't Be Afraid of Mud (It's a Great Beauty Product!) by Mike Prochaska

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5 years ago

Mud Baths: Don't Be Afraid of Mud (It's a Great Beauty Product!)

Do you remember the squishy feeling of wet mud between your fingertips? Remember making mud pies and being covered in dirt? Well, as an adult you should still play with mud. Did you know that playing in the mud could help keep you young?

  • Mud reduces the signs of aging, improves circulation, rinses away blackheads and helps clear acne. The minerals in mud are highly effective for absorbing oil and clearing your pores.
  • Mud baths have been used to alleviate skin conditions like psoriasiseczema and rosacea. Warm mud baths can ease assorted aches and pains from arthritis.
  • Not only does mud help your skin and body, it helps your immune system. Scientific studies have connected the happy, relaxed and calm moods after mud play to the dirt that contains microscopic bacteria called mycobacterium vaccae. This bacteria increases the serotonin in our brains that help, relax and calm our bodies and minds.

So, don’t be afraid of mud! Learn more about mud play and the benefits of mud

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Donna John
Who knew???? Thanks for enlightening us about mud, Mike Prochaska . Ordering my mud mask now and turning on the water hose outside. :-)
Elisa Schmitz
I have always wanted to take a spa mud bath. Thanks for the inspiration, Mike Prochaska ! πŸ˜€

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