Hitting the (Med) Spa This Holiday Season? Read These Safety Precautions First! by Belinda Lichty Clarke

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6 years ago

Hitting the (Med) Spa This Holiday Season? Read These Safety Precautions First!

Med spas get really busy this time of year as women take time (and money) to treat themselves to skin procedures. It's easy to be tempted to save a few bucks by visiting a new place, or using an online offer. What's important to know is that legally, med spas are required to provide a consult with a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant prior to the first treatment, according to the American Med Spa Association (AmSpa). In addition to consulting with a physician, Alex Thiersch, CEO and founder of AmSpa, offers a few words of advice:

  • Do your homework on qualifications. Research experience, board certifications and how many treatments the provider has done.
  • There are many pitfalls that generally come with these deep discounts, which include an office that is unstable financially and understaffed, poor customer service and long waits.
  • You shouldn’t feel "sold." Through the consultation process someone should also go through all consents and contraindications of the procedure. Quality med spas are going to educate you and allow you to make an informed decision, not pressure you into a sale.

For more information, visit AmericanMedSpa.org.

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