DIY Foot Spa Treatment Saves Time & Money for Busy Moms! by Holly Budde

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7 years ago

DIY Foot Spa Treatment Saves Time & Money for Busy Moms!

Let's face it, moms are hard on their feet. If you're like me, there's not always time (or money!) for a much-appreciated spa pedicure. Here's a simple trick I have found that works great for softer skin and smooth heels. 

  • After showering, use a generous amount of Vaseline and rub it all over your feet. 
  • Put on socks.
  • Go to sleep! 

In the morning your feet will look and feel great. It's the perfect touchup for when you can't make it to the salon. Plus, you'll save money!

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Toni B
You can also try Vick's vapor rub too! Great tip, Holly Budde !

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