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6 years ago

Cynthia Rowland says she has discovered "The Facial Fountain of Youth." As creator of the Facial Magic Facial Exercise System, Rowland’s pioneering work has helped many, many thousands of women and men worldwide look 10 to 15 years younger simply by doing isometric with resistance exercises that tone, tighten and lift sagging facial muscles. Here's a few face exercises to try:

  • The Upper Eye exercise lifts the brows and begins to tighten lax forehead muscles. This exercise also provides sinus relief as it “de-puffs” sinus swelling. Here’s how it’s done: place the three middle fingers of each hand underneath your eyebrows. Drop the palms of your hands to your face. Keep your forehead and face relaxed. Push your eyebrows straight up and anchor (hold). Keep your eyes open, look straight ahead. Now use your forehead muscle to push down into your fingertips. Count to five. Release the contraction, remove your hands, take a deep breath and begin the exercise again. This time we’re counting to 10. At the seventh second, close your eyes while you keep pushing up with your fingertips and down into your fingertips with your forehead.
  • Jowls (jaw tension): Lift your chin to form a taut line between your clavicle and your jaw. Turn your face to the right, look over your right shoulder, keep your eyes on the ceiling while you jut your bottom jaw forward. Hold that contraction for five seconds. Release your face and slowly bring your face back to the starting position. Take a cleansing breath and begin the second rep – this time hold the contraction for 10 seconds. Repeat two more times for a total of 35 seconds. Switch sides to exercise the other side of your face 35 seconds.
  • The 11’s between the brows: Place the three middle fingers of each hand on your forehead with your ring fingers near your eyebrows. Anchor the area. Use the muscles that surround your eyebrows. Hold them and try to bring your fingertips together. Hold for five seconds. Release and repeat three additional times for 10 seconds each.

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