From being a college dropout and working on a road construction crew, to having two failed restaurants, and then to becoming a national real estate investor mogul, Steve Cook’s rags to riches story and his journey through life’s ups and downs has inspired many.

As a professional real estate investor, he has done over 550 deals and made millions of dollars, and it was that very success that led him to realize that having true abundance isn’t about a lot of money or possessions – it’s about having a wealth of life.

With this understanding, Steve founded Lifeonaire and now his passion is sharing the message with others to help them live prosperous, abundant lives. His deep Christian faith and core belief that the greatest blessing of all is being able to bless others, has led him to a life of giving back. He is a dedicated husband, father, coach, keynote speaker, trainer, and author.

Living in a small, vibrant town in Wisconsin, Steve lives very intentionally according to his vision of a simple life where he enjoys his days alongside his beautiful wife Micheleen and their wonderful children. He gives God all the glory for the many blessings he has in his life.

tips by Steve

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