Niti Patel is a Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, Diabetes Educator and mother. She was professionally registered in 2007 and acquired her Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University in 2009.

As a dietitian, Patel believes that food and nutrition shouldn’t be complicated. Being a busy mother, she understands that making the right food choices might seem unattainable and complicated for the time-poor, and sees the need to make eating healthy simple for everyone. Realizing this gap in the wellness industry, she has made it her mission to provide simple, practical, and actionable steps that people can incorporate easily into their lives.

In her practice, Patel takes cue from both her formal dietetic expertise and the ancient Indian medical traditions of Ayurveda. Using this combination of traditional and modern techniques, Patel created the healing powerhouse called the Wellness on the Go (W.O.T.G.) Lemon Mint Herbal Infusion, a nutritious beverage that provides various health benefits such as detoxifying the liver, aiding in digestion, and significantly reducing the need for migraine, acne, and diuretic medication. Due to popular demand, W.O.T.G. has been made more widely accessible in select shops and convenience stores in the New York metropolitan area.

She lives in New Jersey with her husband and three children.

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