Lark Sontag, MA Early Childhood Education, Pacific Oaks College. Educational leader and professional development specialist with the Council of Professional Recognition in New York metro. She is the founder of Child’s Breath an organization that brings mindfulness and kindness into classrooms through breathing, stretching, story telling, and social justice exercises.

She takes a constructivist and critical pedagogy view of education, meaning her perspective is that people’s experiences are based on their prior experiences such as their history or culture. A child’s experience is a valuable part of their learning and we as educational professionals must be anti-racist, anti-bias, and inclusive of all ability levels in how we approach our classrooms and programs. Equity begins with the idea that all experiences matter and that children are not empty vessels that we pour knowledge into, they are human beings who have valid experiences. Their learning is also our learning, and that the communities we teach in are our communities. We are one community that is active and changing and learning just like our children.

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