Hello! We are a family of first-time parents who one day had the wonderful idea of ​​changing the diet.
It all started in a workshop on «sustainable life», this was the introduction that launched us on a trip that would later become We Love Raf!

The month following the conclusion of the workshop, we spent cleaning our pantry and filling it with new organic and local products. We also acquired organic Tomatoes and within these we tried Los Raf that impacted us on the palate.

In a short time we had completely changed the way we fed ourselves and for the first time, we could really feel good about the food we were eating and what we were feeding our little offspring.

A year later, we were faced with the possibility of starting with a small website from which to offer some of our most spoiled products. And two years later we already work full time at We Love Raf!

Throughout this process, we have not only worried about having an online store with an excellent product and quality, but we have focused on our main objective: «create a great website in which people find the real and Exquisite Raf tomato, and defend it against the wide variety of imitations.

You can know more about us here:

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