The Giant's Causeway in Ireland: Walk in the Footsteps of Giants in Northern Ireland International

Fiona Whiley
2 years ago

The Giant's Causeway. An ancient volcanic fissure eruption caused the formation of these large basalt columns that lead from the base of the cliff and out into the sea like a pathway. Either that, or it was the Giant Finn McCool who built the causeway as a bridge to cross the water without getting his feet wet. Whichever story captivates your imagination, there is no denying that the hexagonal stone formations are very interesting. Each year, thousands of visitors are drawn to this UNESCO World Heritage Site to walk on the stones and wonder at this marvel of nature.

Photo courtesy of Fiona Whiley.

While the natural coastline and the causeway itself are free to visit, you will have to pay for visitor center access if you want to use the facilities. There is a car park and a large cafe and gift shop inside the center, including clean toilets. The price is currently £12 (about $15 American dollars) per person to use these facilities. (Yes, it is a little pricey, but I considered the “excess” amount as my personal donation to the economy of Northern Ireland!)

Photo courtesy of Fiona Whiley.

Take an audio guide, included in the price of the visitor center admission, and be entertained by the Irish folklore stories that come to life as you observe the landscape. The causeway is about a 20-minute walk down a fairly steep hill on a road leading from the visitor center, or you can catch a shuttle bus for a small fee. (There’s usually a line to catch the bus back up that hill!)

Photo courtesy of Fiona Whiley.

Wear sturdy shoes so you can clamber out onto the rocks and see the hexagonal steppingstones that make up the causeway. Just stay away from the black ones near the water’s edge, because they are very slippery! And take a jacket, because it can be very windy out on the point.

Photo courtesy of Fiona Whiley.

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Elisa Schmitz
How amazing is this?! I would love to see it. Thanks for sharing, Fiona Whiley !
Gwen Johnson
Beautiful place!! And love the folklore! Fiona Whiley
Donna John
Would love to see this!!! Ireland is on my list. Fiona Whiley
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