A Journey to Alaska on a Cruise Ship: Yes, You Are Old Enough! by Pat Wilson

A Journey to Alaska on a Cruise Ship: Yes, You Are Old Enough!

You’ve probably heard it before: “We’re not old enough for an Alaskan cruise.” I’m here to tell you, yes, you are. We just wrapped up the trip of a lifetime, and I want you to know you don’t need to wait on a number.

Go now.

Why now? It took a while, but I finally wore my wife, Tricia, down. We left Seattle on a Friday aboard the Explorer of the Seas. Destination: Adventure! In the past we’d always booked an inside cabin. This time we splurged on a balcony room. Best decision ever! There’s a sense of awe that comes with throwing open the curtain to see the open ocean, or the green and white slopes of the mountains – or if you’re lucky a whale.

Maybe because I’m a little more seasoned I can appreciate the beauty of what the land offers more than the bumping bass or the flashing lights of the club. But this was not a low-energy adventure. We biked, we hiked and we drank Alaskan ale. We stayed up late and got up early. And yes, we had dessert – twice a night! There’s so much to tell you about this trip. I can’t wait to share.

Looking ahead I’m going to give you my take on the ports we visited. The excursions we took. And, of course, the big question: “How do you pack for an Alaskan cruise?"

Photo: Pat Wilson

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Donna John
Yes! I've always wanted to go on an Alaskan cruise. Cannot wait to hear more about your trip!
We’re still not old enough - you however are! 😂
Actually, this was an amazing trip and I seriously can’t wait to go again. Can’t wait to hear how to pack - it’s the million dollar question.
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
OMG, so majestic! An Alaskan cruise is definitely on my bucket list. Thank you for sharing, Pat Wilson , and I can't wait to hear more!
Jessica Acree
It's not a trip that has ever admittedly been on my radar, by Tyler has been (pre-me) and always says such GREAT things about the experience and hiking through Denali. He was a young chap then... a cruise together to see the landscape would be awesome. I'm going to enjoy your updates!
Sheri B Doyle
I have always said this is the only cruise I would ever take. Your pictures are gorgeous. I can't wait to see more about your adventure. You are inspiring me! Thank you for sharing and contributing to the travel page!
Fiona Whiley
Was the water calm? I got seasick on a 3 day short cruise from Sydney to Melbourne. Now I am conflicted. Want to try a cruise that's on clam waters and see if I like that better!

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