Vancouver-based Scott Gelbard is a Managing Partner at Peak Ventures where he serves as an independent, international consultant. Possessing over a decade of experience as a financial professional, investor, and business consultant, he works to advise a broad range of businesses within North America, Asia, and Europe. Scott, who obtained a B.S. in Consumer Science, Business, and Finance from Colorado State University, helps international clientele learn the fundamentals of the American marketplace so they can better emulate the success of major American companies.

To date, Scott Gelbard has played an integral role in the success of companies like MusclePharm Apparel, the clothing line from the prominent fitness brand, as well as Terra Ferma, Inc., and BTO Self Serve Yogurt. Informing his consulting work, especially as it pertains to finance and investing, is his previous experience as a member of Apis Ventures, a well-known financial firm in Denver. A leader at the company, Scott gained invaluable experience within venture capital, business and transactional consulting, and investments within both the public and private business sectors.

As a business consultant, Scott Gelbard is able to draw upon his decade of experience to help his high-net-worth clients and companies learn how to become more profitable and successful within the American market. What’s more, Scott understands the stressors and complications of starting a new business—he began his immediately after graduating college. However, his time as an entrepreneur has shown him what works, what doesn’t, and he’s learned from his failures the hard way.

Scott’s unique and nuanced background gives him the unique opportunity to steer clients away from his missteps while simultaneously incorporating successful moves he made during his career. After all, he was able to grow his annual revenue to $250 million over the course of five short years. Part of his success is due to his ability to spot emerging markets before they explode. In 2009, he was a pioneer within the Colorado cannabis industry as it was becoming mainstream. Eleven years later, Scott Gelbard is still actively involved in the industry.

When Scott isn’t working, he can usually be found on the slopes, soccer field, or the sidelines of an ice rink. He fosters a deep passion for sports, which have always been an integral part of his life. Scott began playing soccer almost as soon as he could walk and continued to play through college on intramural teams. Now, he is a youth soccer coach and still finds himself on the field occasionally. Scott’s love for sports has also been passed down to his sons, who are avid hockey players.

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