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Pregnancy Week 17: Fetal Development, Gestational Diabetes, Pregnancy Symptoms & Planning a Babymoon

Your Baby

Baby is getting big! Your baby’s skeleton is now changing from cartilage to bone (soft to hard). Body fat is starting to form and this will continue until Baby is born. The brain has taken over regulating your baby’s heartbeat, which beats between 140 to 150 beats per minute (talk about fat-burning mode!). Week 17 is when most moms-to-be report feeling their baby move for the first time. Fingers crossed you get that flutter this week! Your baby weighs about 5 ounces now and is the size of a pear.

Photo: Fetus at week 17 of development

About Mom

Wonder what they do with that urine you deposit in a cup at each doctor’s appointment? One reason is to test your blood sugar levels. When blood sugar levels are off, it may mean you’re developing gestational diabetes. Babies born to women with either diabetes or gestational diabetes may be at a greater risk for birth complications. These complications include:

  • low blood sugar
  • malformations
  • born either too large or too small
  • jaundice
  • low levels of calcium and magnesium

Learn more about the risks of gestational diabetes.

Think that they’re can’t possibly be anymore pregnancy symptoms to add to the list? Sorry, but there are a few more:

  • Bleeding gums: If you’ve noticed your gums bleeding, especially when you brush, blame this on your blood volume increase. It may be a good time to make a dental appointment.
  • Headaches: An occasional headache may disrupt your day and can be caused by many reasons, such as fatigue, hormones or stress. Talk with your doctor about what medications are OK to take during pregnancy.
  • Linea nigra: Notice a dark line across your abdomen? Stretching abdominal muscles are the culprit here, but it will go away after delivery.
  • Chloasma: Notice dark spots on your face? Chloasma, also called “the mask of pregnancy,” is brown or gray-brown discoloration of the skin. Also called melasma (how many names does it need?) can be due to hormonal changes or from sun exposure. Patches of chloasma appear most often on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin and often fades on its own after pregnancy.
  • Stretch marks: Did your mom get stretch marks? Then there’s a good chance you will, too, because genetics plays a big role. The good news is that most fade after Baby is born.
  • Sciatic pain: Baby can push down and cause pressure on your sciatic nerve, which is located under the uterus and runs down to the legs, resulting in pain. Gentle stretches and a trip to the drug store for a heating pad may do the trick.


And speaking of trips, it may be the perfect time to plan a babymoon. Your feeling pretty good, not too big yet and don’t have flying restrictions like you will toward the end of your third trimester. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) discourages travel during the third trimester because of risk of going into labor. The ACOG also recommends that moms-to-be with preeclampsia, premature rupture of membranes, preterm labor or who are pregnant with multiples not travel. If none of this applies to you, talk to your health care provider and then book it.

But where to go? Whether you prefer to relax on the beach, sight see in Europe, shop or get lost in nature, these destinations offer you and your partner the perfect way to connect before the big day:

  • Quebec, Canada: The Auberge Saint-Antoine is a boutique hotel in the heart of the romantic city of Quebec. It is the perfect place to explore the beautiful European city. Get lost on the cobblestone sidewalks while you shop and indulge those second-trimester cravings. If you still have energy to hit the town at night, Quebec is full of cultural events all year round.
  • Amelia Island, Florida: Stroll the beaches, relax on a sunset sail, kayak through the waterways or take a day trip to the beautiful Cumberland Island during your babymoon getaway to the beautiful Amelia Island. A stay at the historic Amelia Island Williams House includes dinner in a local restaurant, a horse carriage ride around the historic district of Fernandina Beach, sparkling cider, chocolate-covered strawberries and a picnic basket lunch to share with their babymoon package.
  • Positano, Italy: If you are dreaming of an Italian getaway before your due date then a stay at La Sirenuse in Positano, Italy, is the perfect place to realize your dream. Lounge by the pool, spend time in the spa or take a boat ride along the shore on the Mediterranean Sea. Positano is the perfect place to explore all that the Amalfi Coast offers with day trips to historic Pompeii, the Island of Capri, Amalfi, Ravello or Naples. The romance of Italy will give you a getaway you will never forget.

Here are five more top destinations for your babymoon!

Bump Talk

“The good thing about being pregnant is that I don’t have to worry about sucking it in or dieting!” – Busy Philipps

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