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4 years ago

Pregnancy Week 37: Fetal Development, Signs of Labor & Essential Oils During Childbirth

About Baby

Something big has happened to Baby this week: his lungs are more than likely mature. (Now you can breathe a sigh of relief!) Baby weighs about 6 1/2 pounds and, at around 19 inches, is as long as a bunch of Swiss chard. These two remaining weeks of a 40-week pregnancy will allow Baby’s lungs and brain to continue to mature and get ready for life on the outside. It’s getting really crowded in there now!

Photo: Baby at 37 weeks of development

About Mom

Getting anxious, Mom? As you get into your third trimester of pregnancy, labor and delivery may weigh more and more on your mind. How will you know when labor is about to start? How will you know it actually started – for real? While every labor is different, there are some signs of labor to keep an eye out for.

First, what is happening during labor? When labor begins, the cervix opens, or dilates. The uterus begins to contract at regular intervals, and when it does the abdomen gets hard. When contractions stop, the uterus relaxes and gets soft again. Certain changes in your body may signal that labor is about to happen. Here are some signs of impending labor, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG):

  • Feeling like your baby have dropped or lowered into the pelvis. Known as lightening or your “baby dropping,” this is when your baby’s head has settled into your pelvis and can happen from a few weeks to a few hours before labor begins. 
  • An increase in vaginal discharge that’s clear or slightly pink. Called show, this mucus plug accumulates at the cervix during pregnancy. When the cervix begins to dilate, the plug is pushed into the vagina. This can happen a few days before labor begins or when labor starts.

How will you know you are in true labor? According to the March of Dimes, here are the signs of the real deal!

Essential Oils During Labor

Essential oils are wonderful aids for women during labor and delivery. They can be diffused to create a nurturing, relaxing and uplifting environment. Topically, they can bring relief and help in moving labor and delivery forward.

Keep in mind when selecting essential oils that not all essential oils are equivalent! You want to find the purest, most natural essential oils that are both safe and therapeutically beneficial. The essential oils listed below can be put on topically at your pulse points, especially around the ankles. If you have sensitive skin, dilute them with some fractionated coconut oil or other carrier oil.

You can also diffuse them. Have several on hand. You might be surprised that your favorite essential oil will change as you progress through your labor and delivery. What essential oils are good choices and what can they help with during labor and delivery? Check out this list of essential oils for labor!

Bump Talk

“Babies are bits of star-dust blown from the hand of God. Lucky is the woman who knows the pangs of birth for she has held a star.” – Larry Barretto, American novelist 

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I'm always surprised by the many uses for essential oils. I wish I had discovered them during pregnancy!

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