Maternity Clothes: 11 Do's & Don'ts When Planning Your Pregnancy Wardrobe by 30Seconds Pregnancy

Maternity Clothes: 11 Do's & Don'ts When Planning Your Pregnancy Wardrobe

Are you checking yourself daily to see if that baby bump has emerged so you can go shopping for maternity clothes Before you grab your purse and car keys, read these 11 maternity clothes do's and don'ts for first-time moms-to-be:

  • Don’t Just Wear Oversized Clothes: Maternity clothes aren’t simply oversized shirts and pants. Feeling beautiful during pregnancy is a must, so opt for outfits that make you feel comfy – and fabulous! Think leggings, maternity jeans, cute maxi dresses and form-fitting maternity tops that show off your baby bump.
  • Don’t Shy Away From Patterns: Scared those horizontal stripes or that busy chevron pattern will make you look bigger than you are? They won’t! Have fun with your blossoming body with fun prints and patterns.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Layer: Layering T-shirts under sweaters or putting on a cute cardigan won’t add extra pounds – it’ll just add extra style! Plus, if you get hot you can take off a layer. Leggings are a good option for your bottom half when layering because they always make you look slimmer. Wear one of your favorite button-down non-maternity shirts open over a maternity tank (as shown in photo).
  • Don’t Be Afraid of Bright Colors: Yes, we all know the trick of wearing black to make you look slimmer, but during pregnancy celebrate your body with bright, bold colors. Have fun with color and it’ll enhance your pregnancy glow!
  • Don’t Just Raid Your Husband’s Closet: Yes, that XL T-shirt or oversized button-down dress shirt may be comfortable around the house, but your hubby may not want you stealing all his clothes. Would you normally wear your husband’s shirts out of the house? Probably not. So why start now? (OK, maybe during your Netflix binges.)
  • Do Invest in a Good Pair of Maternity Jeans: For a lot of women, jeans are the to-go clothing item daily, and that shouldn’t change because you’re pregnant. Investing in a nice pair of pregnancy jeans, which can go with practically any shirt, just makes sense. Pick a pair you love that has an expandable waistband to get you all the way to week 40 – and even beyond during the postpartum period.
  • Do Make a Maternity Clothes Budget: A shopping spree buying piles of maternity clothes may sound fun and enticing for first-time pregnant moms, but know that they are not cheap. Decide up front how much you want (or can) spend on your maternity wardrobe and stick to it. Your budget will thank you later.
  • Do Buy Basic Pieces to Mix and Match: A few basic clothing pieces will do ya! Think a couple of pairs of leggings in neutral colors, those fabulous maternity jeans, a few T-shirts, a couple tanks (great for layering) and a dress or maternity skirt for special occasions or if needed for work.
  • Do Borrow Maternity Clothes From Friends and Shop Secondhand: Did your neighbor up the street have a baby recently? Don’t be shy to ask her if you can borrow some. Secondhand and thrift shops are also hidden treasure troves of maternity wear (and it’s only worn for a short time so it really is “gently used"). Be sure to return the favor by lending or giving your used maternity clothes to friends, family or your favorite secondhand store.
  • Do Have Fun With It: If that funny pregnancy T-shirt that says "Don't eat watermelon seeds" or "It's not a food baby" is calling your name, buy it! Now is definitely a time when you can up the fun (and cuteness!) factor.

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Love these tips!
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Having fun with your pregnancy really makes it more comfortable and more special. I love these ideas! Plus, maternity clothes have come so far. You often can't tell maternity from regular clothes any more!
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Updating your wardrobe with maternity clothing? Dress for maternity success with this guide on what seasonal maternity clothes to buy and what to skip.
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I genuinely search for such scanners. We were able to obtain useful knowledge from your blog.

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