AmazonFresh Already Rocks My World: Here's How It Got Even Better Motherhood

Jen Imbaro
5 years ago

I've been a fan of grocery delivery since my early days of apartment dwelling. As a busy mom, it became a must to avoid shopping with the kiddo. But, delivery windows became harder to book and I couldn't get items as quickly as I needed.

Along came AmazonFresh. Sure, you need to be a Prime member (who isn't these days?), and there's an extra $14.99/month fee, but I've long since given myself permission to spend $180/year for the great convenience this service offers me: doorstep delivery. I mean come on, I don't even have to be home?

Delivery times are readily available (in metro Boston). I've always been able to get my order next day, if not by the end of the same. They also make it very clear what items won't make it for the quickest turnaround.

Amazon Dash Wand. Game changer. It sticks to your fridge. You scan bar codes of items as you run out, and they are automatically added to you list.

And now ... meal kits! One at a time, no subscriptions, when you want! Are you kidding me? I tried a subscription service. I loved the food, but it was too much effort to commit to regularly. Now I can get ingredients to cook when I have time, without all the pressure? 


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Comments (2)

Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
I am an Amazon Prime member and didn't know about Amazon Fresh. Thanks for the tip - I will try it! Jen Imbaro
Jessica Acree
DASH WAND? That sounds fun! I haven't tried any fresh-service meals yet, but I'm an Amazon girl for sure, perhaps I'll give it a go!
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