Bye Bye, Baby: 7 Tips to Help Avoid Separation Meltdowns in Kids by Jill Ceder, LMSW, JD

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6 years ago
Bye Bye, Baby: 7 Tips to Help Avoid Separation Meltdowns in Kids

Separation anxiety makes it hard to say goodbye. Try these tips to help curb separation anxiety! 

  • By 6 months, introduce other caregivers. 
  • Start a routine of saying bye to your child whenever you leave. 
  • Develop a ritual. It will signal to your child that it’s time for you to go. 
  • Each time you say bye, tell your child that you'll return. 
  • Don't sneak out! Sneaking sends a confusing message. 
  • Have caregivers redirect your kid's attention if a meltdown starts. 
  • Try your best not to return if crying starts. Coming back gives kids an incentive to cry harder and longer next time.

And remember, Mom, this too shall pass. 

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