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8 months ago

​Why It's So Easy to Get Addicted to Drugs & Alcohol (and the Best Treatment Options)

Unfortunately, getting addicted is not that difficult. Back in 2017, 1 out of every 8 U.S. adults struggled with drug and alcohol abuse at the same time. As a result, many people end up seeking intensive outpatient or inpatient treatment for their issues. The sad reality is that most of the time, drug problems begin when the addict is also experiencing emotional or mental struggles.

What makes it so easy to become addicted to various substances? Here are some of the reasons and how you can best treat this issue.

What Makes Us Get Addicted So Easily?

The reasons why people get addicted to substances so easily are very complex. Every individual is different, but there are usually explanations behind one’s addiction. Here’s why it’s so easy to get addicted:

1. Biochemical Reasons

One reason why addictions begin so easily is the release of dopamine. Most behavior is driven by dopamine. Now, while dopamine is not the main culprit, it is a huge factor.

Your brain’s reward center releases dopamine when you experience pleasure. Different activities, including the use of harmful substances, can cause pleasure, so your brain will seek the same sensations, which can make one more likely to go back to bad habits. In the end, this may result in addiction.

2. Psychological Reasons

Certain psychological issues may make it more likely for someone to become addicted to various substances. Some emotional or mental issues, like shame, guilt, PTSD, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression and others are at a higher risk of leading to addiction.

Why Do Some Individuals Become Addicted While Others Don’t?

You may have noticed that some people end up with addictions, while others who deal with the same problems or trauma never go to such unhealthy habits in order to escape their suffering. Why is that? There are several risk factors.

According to scientific research, 40 to 60 percent of an individual’s potential of developing an addiction is related to genetics. This might be due to epigenetics or a family history of an illness. Furthermore, one’s risk of becoming addicted may increase when they are more exposed to traumatic events.

What Treats Addictions Effectively?

Addiction cannot be treated using methods such as humiliation or punishment. Instead, there are friendlier techniques that have the highest chances of success.

For example, one of the best ways for someone to escape an addiction is to seek detox centers. One can try cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement and interviewing, dialectical behavioral therapy, contingency management, medication and relapse prevention training.

It’s ideal for an addict to discover the cause of addiction so the problem can be treated from its root. Also, the addict should be treated with compassion, empathy and understanding.

Getting addicted is easy when one is dealing with psychological issues or when drug use causes a needed dopamine release. Luckily, one can escape addiction if the patient is treated accordingly with the right medication and methods. Empathy, understanding and compassion should also be part of the process.

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Elisa Schmitz
"...drug problems begin when the addict is also experiencing emotional or mental struggles." Very true how these two challenges are connected. Many thanks for this very important information as so many people struggle to overcome addiction.
Donna John
Scary! I know a few people struggling with this issue. Great tips here.
There’s no shame in getting help when you need it!

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