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2 years ago

How to Support New Moms:​ 5 Simple (and Powerful) Ways to Support a New Mom After Childbirth

Many new moms experience deep, complicated emotions in the days leading up to the birth of their child and after they bring their bundle of joy home for the first time. Everything from extreme happiness to frustration to depression can be commonplace, but sometimes the new mom is overlooked in the excitement over the new baby. It’s essential to give Mom some love and emotional support, too!

With 3,605,201 births in the U.S. in 2020 – down from 3,747,540 births in 2019 – that's a lot of new moms that need some attention during pregnancy and after giving birth. Here are ways to support new moms adjusting to their new role as a mom:

1. Ask Her What She Needs Right Now

Being a mom keeps your mind and hands busy caring for Baby, which makes it less likely she’ll take the time to take care for herself. It’s difficult to guess what each mom needs at that moment, but simply asking, “What do you need right now?” may make her breathe a sigh of relief. Here are a few things she may need:

  • A spa day, shower or bath for her aching muscles.
  • A long nap so she can catch up on missed sleep.
  • A nice walk around the block, to the park or a coffee shop.
  • Time away from the baby to complete chores or errands or just take time for herself.

Even if she’s content, she’ll be grateful that you asked and thought about her.

2. Send Her Flowers That Are Easy to Care For

Flowers have a wide range of health benefits, which may include their ability to help heal the common cold, improve your overall mood and aid in relaxation. While moms could use all of those things, it’s important to send low-maintenance, cheap flowers that are easy to care for and replace so that they can spend more time with their baby. Fragrant flowers that are low in pollen, like tulips, will freshen up the family home without aggravating anyone's allergies.

3. Help Her Plan Ahead for Meals and Chores

Write a fully comprehensive meal plan for the family to help the new mom prepare breakfastlunch or dinner without stress. If you’re a good cook, stock Mom's fridge full of premade meals or snacks. You could also pay for a meal service or a meal subscription box (Hello Fresh) that provides all the necessary ingredients for each recipe.

You can do the same for chores and tasks. For example, hire a cleaning crew each month, if you can, so Mom can come home to a fresh-smelling house or hire an organization specialist.

4. Offer Words of Encouragement and Spend Time With Her

Ask if you can come over or if you can schedule regular visits just to spend time with her. New moms are used to the attention being on the baby, but if you show up especially for her, she may feel loved and appreciated. Don’t disappear a few weeks after the baby is born either, because postpartum isolation can start to rear its head after six months.

Self-doubt is a powerful force for some new moms, and many may need social interaction and words of encouragement to stay strong. When you can’t be with her, send the new mom notes, texts or letters that tell her how beautiful she is and how great of a mother she is to her child.

5. Chip in for a Night Nurse or Postpartum Doula

A night nurse or postpartum doula is a specially trained expert that cares for women and babies after birth. While nurses take care of the baby, a doula will take care of the mom. Ask the new mom what she would prefer and see if you can invite friends and family members to pitch in.

That extra bit of help will allow mom to get some sleep and support when she may be struggling, but it’s a luxury many can't afford by themselves. Some new moms may not even know that kind of help is available to them. Splurging for a postpartum doula or nurse will greatly benefit the mom.

Supporting new moms not only helps Mom, but the whole family will benefit from your kindness. How will you support the mom-to-be or new mom in your life?

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Donna John
This is so important! We can't forget the new mom. Love the idea of sending flowers and pitching in to get a postpartum doula.
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you for thinking of how to support new moms. They have special needs and require care, which helps them in turn care for their new baby. I love these suggestions. Asking her what she needs, so helpful. And a kind word, always appreciated!
My go-to gift for new moms is a nice floral arrangement, preferably something that lasts at least a week. Fresh flowers always bring a smile.
New moms are the real MVPs! 🙏🏼
Pipit Verika
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Just being there, letting her know she’s not alone. Works wonders.

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