Life’s Simple Pleasures: 10 Little Things That Aren't So Little to Me by Dawn Taylor

9 months ago
Life’s Simple Pleasures: 10 Little Things That Aren't So Little to Me

Yes, it is the little things. Here are 10 little things that I'll never get tired of and that bring me joy right now:

  1. That first sip of coffee in the morning.
  2. Runner’s high.
  3. My children’s laughter.
  4. Flowers in full bloom.
  5. The smell of rain.
  6. The sound of rain.
  7. Sun on my face.
  8. My cat’s snuggles.
  9. An unexpected smile from my teens.
  10. The end of the school year.

Even thinking about these things makes me smile. It really is the little things.

What are your little things?

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Donna John
Love this, Dawn Taylor . I challenge everyone who reads this to make their own list and submit it. ❤
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
It really is the little things, Dawn Taylor . I love many of the same things (what is it about a rainy day I just love, sigh). I would add: taking a walk, watching a butterfly, digging in my garden, cooking with things grown in my garden, weekend baking, getting lost in a book. Donna John
Dawn Taylor
So many examples of simple pleasures ❤️
Debra Ferrie
absolutely love this! So many people rush through the day and don't appreciate these little ( big ) things! Cat snuggles and smiles from my teens are the best!

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