Balancing Career & Family: How Can We Better Balance Career, Child Care & Family? by Jeff Krasno

Balancing Career & Family: How Can We Better Balance Career, Child Care & Family?

Q: "Like so many parents during the pandemic, child care is a huge issue for me. I'm struggling to balance my career and family more than ever before, and sometimes I feel like I'm drowning. Any suggestions?"

A. The old 9-to-5 work paradigm has been largely swept into the dustbin of history. The pandemic, which prominently featured the pattering of pajama-clad children in the background of Zoom calls, transformed the way we work and live. Obviously, there are still onsite essential jobs. But, increasingly, the line between work and family has blurred.

Work-life integration provides flexibility, but also requires some boundary setting. Just because you’re “around” doesn’t mean you can just drop everything at any time and run the kids crosstown. If you have regular child care, then establish clear boundaries that allow you to do your work during those hours. And, on the flip side, make sure you also set aside time to power down the phone and be present for your family.

Lastly, make sure you offer yourself a little grace. There’s no playbook for raising kids and working fulltime during a pandemic. You’re not alone. 

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The pandemic has made it so much harder. Good tips.
Elisa Schmitz
The line between work and home has definitely been blurred. So many parents are struggling. Thank you for sharing your insights, Jeff Krasno !
Yes, boundaries! 🙌🏼
Elisa Schmitz
I agree, Mike Prochaska . We all need to give ourselves more grace! Jeff Krasno
Remote work is here to stay. Make it work for you. 🔥
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