Tips for Entrepreneurs: How Do You Overcome Your Fears of Failing & Become an Entrepreneur? by Jeff Krasno

Tips for Entrepreneurs: How Do You Overcome Your Fears of Failing & Become an Entrepreneur?

Q: "I really want to become an entrepreneur, but I'm afraid I'll fail. So much is at stake, especially my finances. How can I get past this fear and prepare to take the leap?"

A. Fear is an emotion that arises in consciousness. It can have negative consequences when it prevents you from taking action or thinking rationally. However, fear can also be useful when it’s understood as respect for something powerful. You should respect your financial well-being and take it seriously.

Fear is often linked to uncertainty about the future. And while it is important to be able to find equipoise with uncertainty, one can reduce ambiguity as it pertains specifically to financial matters.

Before embarking on a new business, you should engage in a financial risk assessment. If you don’t have a big nest egg or third-party investors, then you probably want to build your business slowly. Your business might start as a side hustle. This can often be beneficial to the health of a business because you’re only spending on the essentials. If you’re a creative, solicit the guidance of a seasoned financial advisor to help you assess your financial situation before jumping in and manage cash carefully going forward.

Almost every entrepreneur experiences some failure. Failure begets experience. And experience begets wisdom. So don’t be afraid of failure. See it as a growth opportunity. Failure is negative only if you don’t learn from it and repeat the same mistakes. Oftentimes, fear of failure is actually fear of being judged. If you want to become an entrepreneur (or just a happier person), you must divorce your self-worth from the opinions of others.

Remember, you’re in the arena. Critics are in the stands.

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Donna John
"Remember, you’re in the arena. Critics are in the stands." I love this! Great advice for hopeful entrepreneurs, Jeff Krasno !
Elisa Schmitz
"So don’t be afraid of failure. See it as a growth opportunity. Failure is negative only if you don’t learn from it and repeat the same mistakes." YES! I have learned so much more when things DIDN'T work and those lessons have improved my business. Many thanks for the awesome insights for aspiring entrepreneurs, Jeff Krasno !
Failure can be the best teacher. 🔥
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Andrea Zanon
I have worked with about 1500 women entrepreneurs in 15 countries since 2015 and the biggest change I was able to witness and support was the injection of empowering words and messaging which force-multiplied business and personal growth. I often suggested these women leader to watch this video about a Harvard professor who talks about non-verbal communications:
Damodar Arapakota
Well written and so wonderful post! Thanks for sharing such a nice post.
Nan Chul Shin
Very good written article. Fear is a major factor that is holding people back. Don't let fear stop you.
DAC Developments
Excellently written and fantastic post! Thank you for sharing this lovely topic.

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