Global Day of Parents: 3 Tips Parents Should Consider on Their Parenting Journey by Jennifer Cervantes

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2 years ago

Global Day of Parents: 3 Tips Parents Should Consider on Their Parenting Journey

Being a parent is one of the most universal experiences of being human, but that does not make it an easy undertaking. June 1, 2021, is Global Day of Parents, an annual, global holiday to honor parents and show gratitude for all they have done for us.

As a mother of two, a mother who has experienced loss in pregnancy, a former teacher and a female CEO of the mom-focused jewelry brand, Tough as a Mother Tribe, I strive to continually reflect on the impact that I have had on my children’s lives while sharing the things that I have found to be most beneficial on my parenting journey. Here are my top three tips that all parents should consider on their own personal parenting journey:

  1. Be Vulnerable With Other Parents: Share how you really feel and what you’re struggling with. There is no “keeping up with the Joneses” when it comes to parenting – being real and authentic is the way to go. This will help build a strong support system for you and other parents and allow others to support and guide you in things you may struggle with. Plus, it is nice to have someone to share common experiences with!
  2. Be Honest With Your Kids: Talk through key issues happening in your life and in the world, like the coronavirus pandemic. Share your feelings – your children will feel safer when they are in the loop and when you communicate openly and honestly with them. Kids are so open and intuitive. We often want to protect our kids by just not sharing, but I’ve found that even my 3-year-old finds comfort knowing what’s going on around them and in my life. They know when we try and hide things and this is not good for building a solid connection with your kids.
  3. Spend Lots of Quality Time Together: Find joy in staycations if you’re not ready to travel. Kids always remember these experiences and will remember the picnics at the park, driving to the next town or camping in the backyard! It’s not how large or small the experience is, it’s the emotional impact it leaves on your kids that’s important. Just be present and do something fun together – they will be grateful!

Above all else, I want to remind parents to know that asking for help and finding the right support is so crucial and beneficial to not only you but your family. You are worthy of support. Asking for help is a superpower. 

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Elisa Schmitz
Excellent advice for parents, Jennifer Cervantes . Asking for help is often difficult but so necessary. We need to normalize it so everyone knows it's OK!
I love the honesty here. We need to be real with each other.

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