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2 years ago

Date Night Ideas for Parents: ​Simple Date Night Activities for Busy Moms & Dads

With the responsibilities parents face every day, it's easy to forget to take time together as a couple. Making the time to enjoy and appreciate each other may help improve your relationship, especially if you have children.

With hectic schedules and raising kids, you may not even have enough time to get enough sleep, let alone give more time to your relationship, but your happiness could depend on it. A study from the University of Virginia's National Marriage Project, found that a date night each week could be the key to keeping relationships healthy.

Parents must make time for each other so that they can further strengthen their relationship. Here are some basic date ideas that you can do with your partner to rekindle the connection:

Go for Daytime Dates

If you are too tired to go on a date night, schedule your dates during the day instead. Surprise your partner at work with flowers and their favorite takeout food or have a picnic at a nearby park or open grounds. Spread out a blanket, play some music from your phone and enjoy your lunch while talking about your day. Instead of buying takeout food, you can also cook and pack a lunch. While it might take extra effort, you and your loved one can both enjoy preparing for your lunch date.

If you and your partner enjoy being outdoors, take a hike on the weekends, bike the neighborhood, rent a kayak or go for an afternoon run together. For parents with limited time on their hands, you can do simple activities such as window shopping, sharing a donut from your local bakery, visiting an outdoor farmers market, going to a drive-in movie theater, buying groceries at a supermarket or enjoying an ice cream on a hot day. Try to remember the things that you both enjoyed before you got married and activities that you feel safe doing.

Make sure to schedule your dates a few days in advance so that you can hire a babysitter or ask a trusted relative to watch the kids.

Date Ideas With Kids 

If the sitter suddenly cancels, go for family-friendly activities that will enable you to focus on your partner. Set up a tent in the backyard and have dinner under the stars. Preferably, have two separate tents, one for the kids and one for you and your spouse. With the help of your kids, you can also set up a small dancing area, play your favorite songs and dance the night away. Turn your backyard into an outdoor movie theater and make it a movie date night.

If you still prefer to go out, order food at a drive-thru and pick a safe spot where you can enjoy your meal within the comfort of your car or go for a short drive in the city or around your neighborhood.

Ideas for Date Nights at Home

Date nights at home are also a great way to reconnect with your spouse. Make sure to be creative and try to elevate the experience by dressing up and asking your kids not to disturb you, even for an hour or two. Cook a fancy dinner and decorate the dining area. You could also do a date wine night. Bring out a few bottles of wine and pretend to be a wine connoisseur. Research everything about wines, such as the difference between the colors, the different wine bottle sizes, the importance of using the right wine glass and anything that will make your wine night enjoyable.

Couples need to prioritize their relationship and not let their busy schedules stop them from showing their love and appreciation to one another. These simple date night ideas may be the answer!

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Elisa Schmitz
Great suggestions, especially the outdoors and safe activities for couples and families alike. You need to keep the love alive and never stop dating your partner!
At-home date nights are a great idea right now since everyone is staying closer to home.
Donna John
Date night is so important. Great ideas here!
I think date nights are more important than ever. 🙏🏼
We really do need to make time for our spouses and not just the kids. Great reminder and tips!
Great tips to help parents make time for each other. 🔥
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