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How to Grow an Internet Business: 15 Best Tools & Tips to Increase Sales for Your Ecommerce Store or Online Platform

Today, most companies need to have a digital presence. Internet businesses continue to grow, and probably won't slow down anytime soon. By 2023, the worldwide online business market is estimated to be $6.54 trillion. Whether you're considering beginning a web-based business or are hoping to scale an existing business, having the right resources is vital. Many online business resources are available, yet it's still a challenge for entrepreneurs to know where to begin. 

When considering the management of an online store or an e-commerce platform, support or help regarding the monitoring of business growth is helpful. There are many web-based business tools to help online business owners meet their goals. Here are 15 of the best marketing tools, business management tools, customer support tools and analytics tools to help your business be more profitable and run more smoothly:

1. Online Marketing Tools

Marketing is more important now than ever. A business needs great products or services, administration and client assistance. Regardless of how great your products or services are, you need to find clients for your business, and make them want to buy or use your products and services. 

Entrepreneurs need an edge. If you are building a business, odds are that you're searching for ways to have an advantage over your competition. To achieve this, you'll need an advertising plan and ideas on how to promote your business. That's why you need to have a clear brand identity.

Brand Identity is what a brand depends on in the marketplace because it defines how it is perceived. It's the words, considerations and pictures that strike a chord when the customer sees or interacts with the brand – and how it causes the buyer to feel. Anything that influences how the public thinks and feels about your company or product forms your brand identity. Here are four free online marketing tools available to your business to help with not only marketing, but also your brand identity: 

  • OptimizelyOptimizely is an easy and powerful way to experiment across all your customer touchpoints. In less than five minutes, it will show you how to create a winning digital experience. 
  • DesignBroIf you're searching for a logo, package design or brand identity design, DesignBro is turning into an all-in-one resource for your business needs. DesignBro reviews designer's portfolios and accepts only the best five percent of all designers that apply, which guarantees you get professional designs and creative quality for your project. DesignBro is the go-to platform for your business plan needs.
  • MailChimp: This marketing automation platform and email marketing service can bring you audience data, marketing channels and other insights so you can reach your goals faster, and all from a single platform. Use this service to send emails about your products and services, such as coupons for your clients to use.
  • Facebook Ads: To interact with potential or current customers and drive people to your website, Facebook ads are like no other. They target specific customers and provide an all-in-one tool for creating ads, managing when and where they'll run, and tracking how the campaign is performing. 

2. Business Management Tools

Overseeing your business can get in the way of developing your business. These online business management tools can help you with time management, accounts and programming, and may improve the overall effectiveness of your business. 

  • UpCounsel: This service helps you hire attorneys for legal services that match your business needs and budget. You can choose from thousands of vetted and reviewed lawyers. As your business grows, it may be increasingly important to have legal advisers to assist you. 
  • HelloSign: Electronic signing is another valuable tool as you work on scaling your web-based business. HelloSign helps you get work done faster by utilizing legally binding eSignatures.
  • ShipStationImport, manage and ship your orders with this shipping software. Customers want their products yesterday, and having the right software is crucial for customer satisfaction and growing your business. 
  • Signifyd: Get the upper hand on fraud. Signifyd is an ecommerce fraud protection platform has three services for companies: revenue protection, abuse prevention and payment compliance.

3. Online Customer Support Tools

Customer support and satisfaction is crucial for every business. These customer support tools can help you get customers – and improve your chances of keeping them.

  • AuthentiPix: This creative platform lets your customers become your brand ambassadors. If customers are showing off the products they're buying from you, AuthentiPix helps you utilize that as a marketing opportunity. 
  • This is a great way to support client reliability, drive more deals and turn hard-earned sales into repeat customers. helps you maximize your customer acquisition efforts and turn customers into passionate brand advocates that will join, engage and share your brand community. 
  • QualarooTo improve purchasing encounters and become familiar with your clients and site guests, you can utilize an instrument like Qualaroo. This tool makes it easy to survey specific users while they are looking at your product, service and brand.
  • Promoter.ioBy using this ecommerce survey software, you can collect feedback from your shoppers anywhere, identify areas for product or service improvement and attract and retain customers to help grow your business.

4. Online Analytics Tools

It's hard to grow an internet business if you don't know what's working and what's not. Learning this is the foundation of business development. Make your business case, test it, measure it – and if it works, scale it. Here are just a few of the online analytics tools to help measure and decipher your numbers.

  • Google Analytics: This free tool helps you analyze data for your business in one place, which can help you make smarter business decisions. Google Analytics can help you understand site users and check the performance of content and products. 
  • MozMoz is another helpful investigation tool for scaling an online business. This SEO software and data can help you increase traffic, rankings and visibility in search results, and is back by the largest community of SEOs on the planet. Finding and fixing harmful SEO issues fast is crucial for a growing internet business.
  • Kissmetrics: This tool offers advanced product and market analytics, which may help take your business to the next level. See what's happening on your website and use it to accelerate growth by knowing your clients, where traffic is coming from and drawing more people to your site. The tool also helps you optimize your checkout funnel, increase new and repeat purchases, see lifetime value by category and report on subscription revenue. 

From investigating traffic to your site to checking your standings, sending messages, gathering input and making promotions to share and attract customers, these free tools should help any online business grow and improve.

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